Ellenbeth Wachs gay basher !

Ellenbeth Wachs is more well known for her four prior arrests including domestic violence than she is for her stance on feminism and atheism. One day I read a hate site bashing my gay friend Wil using a picture of him with Kaposi’s Sarcoma on his face  that was put there by Ellenbeth Wachs by photo-shopping.  She and another friend have been blogging about him and harassing him and stalking him for two years but will tell you it  is the opposite, that he stalked them; they seem to enjoy playing the victim card.   My friend has no criminal record has a great life and is very friendly; but on his Facebook wall when he disagreed with feminist  that are fellow atheists,  they came after him.  This time they went too far.  Making him an AIDS victim has even had his insurance company call him and ask him; this is when Wil called for the law to step in. Enough is enough and this is a hate crime making a gay man who is very healthy and has no HIV into an AIDS victim.   In 1989, I was there when my friend was stabbed and beaten into a coma.  He had to learn to walk and talk all over again and wears a fiberglass eye to this day and has a sight dog.   Way to go feminists – that misogynist gay dude has gone too far because he is so privileged.  Has this what feminism has come too?


4 thoughts on “Ellenbeth Wachs gay basher !

  1. What the fuck is her issue?! Seriously she has to have some twisted reason for all of this. I mean I get not liking groups or people, ect… Not saying it is right or wrong but I get it. BUT! When you activly go out of your way to trash, attack, and smear someone over…. Nothing. Then you are a sick fucktard! This woman needs to seek help and loads of therapy. Wil is a good guy and this bullshit is uncalled for.

  2. Eric, I really appreciate the words of support from you. About This woman She is an admitted recovering alcoholic and projects on about every thing including disease , photo shopping my pic to looks as though I have AIDS when she has MS ( and I understand her fear) She also accused a lot of people constantly of being stalkers and pathological liar’s and sociopaths, which is a clear projection that she thinks she could be all of those things and projection takes the weight off of her as a form of medicating. What she did was and is a possible hate crime in the state of Fl.. She can not seem to stay in a relationship and has a history of violence . Her anger over is even channeled in to Atheism and feminism which is only hurting her cause instead of helping it. I wish she would get help. Mental & emotional illness attracts mental & emotional illness.

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