Ophellia Benson’s/ John Kieffer’s Bullshit Story .

FTB John KeifferToday I was sent a blog that an angry gender confused person by the name of Ophellia Benson wrote about my friend “Wil” that stated he had a investigator looking up things about him on the internet.  Nice try Benson, but I am afraid your source lied to you or you are one gullible woman.  It is an investigator probing in to the other person’s life for posting a hate picture of Wil with “fake Kaposi’s Sarcoma “, and a huge dossier of all the hate-filled thing’s she has stated about Wil; three were sent out — one to an ADA, one to a deputy, and one to a Sheriff, and my friend has been in long phone meetings with all three.   He has no prior arrest  and your friend has four prior mug shots as a result of arrests.  I think we can all rest easy and take a deep breath that this is going nowhere, but as a scare tactic — This was a huge Fail!   Write about something or somebody that is more credible in facts.  The person that is giving you the information read what Wil stated is going on regarding the investigation on her, and she is projecting through lies.  Try getting Wil’s side of the story; he has the facts to back it up.

http://freethoughtblogs.com/butterfliesandwheels/2012/12/so-youre-not-allowed-to-do-that/ From what I recently found out Mr. John Kieffer was a part of this story while under house arrest and probation and I did my home work there is NO ONE  investigating Wil  in Forsyth County, or Polk County ,or any other place in the United States.  Sick people attract sick people. Oh, and BTW enjoy the holiday shopping on the internet John, because we know you can not leave your property while Wil is  enjoying Maui 🙂

Julia Gillard P.M. and Feminst/Atheist Hates Gays

JGillardI recently noticed feminists all over Twitter giving Hearts, and thumbs up to Julia Gillard, Prime Minister and an outspoken Feminist and atheist.   Do feminist not know, or do feminist not care that this huge figure on plant Earth is all about women’s rights (the rights they already have), but not for us silly faggots.   This is a very old story; MM O’Hare and Ayn Rand were also out spoken women that loathed gay people.  Feminists from the late 1960’s through the 1970’s actually blamed lesbians for the non-passage of the ERA Amendment and now Bloggers are going after gay men on the matter of us touching their bodies without permission.  In all my years, I have never met one gay man that touched a woman in an inappropriate way.  Feminists are narcissist at the very least, and as soon as gay rights started, I noticed feminists came back from the dead screaming “equality”. Note there is no such thing as “equality ” Never was , never will be. I am not equal to a pedophile serving time, nor am I equal to a man serving in the front lines in war time.  In other words, I am better than some and not as bad as others.  One thing feminists do have is equal rights to choose what they want and when they want it; they can work full time to no time.  Whereas a man, I must work full-time and used to work full-time and part-time.   Now that people are discussing Hillary Clinton’s running for office, feminists are all a flutter but they ignore the fact she is not for gay rights such as gay marriage.

However, that does not matter because it is all about Momma! If Momma ain’t happy, nobody is gonna be happy. Remember, feminists are not your friends.