EllenBeth Wachs – Pathological Liar

The lying podcastEB Huey Mug Shot
EllenBeth Wachs just appeared on a podcast where she lied from one end of the pod to the other. She is very good at it. I would say 20% was truth and 80% were out and out lies. She claimed she dropped the charges against Wil Kuhlmann, but it is the exact opposite happened. EllenBeth told Deputy Mullen of Wil Kuhlmann’s county that if he removed all comments about her she would not have him arrested. The opposite happened! He refused to remove any and all comments and he took this all the way to the Magistrate; the Magistrate stated it was a civil issue and when Deputy Mullen told her, she yelled at him over the phone and hung up. Temper tantrum, maybe (alcoholic style)? EllenBeth also lied about Wil Kuhlman in her own county, and the Sheriff, the Assistant District Attorney and an investigator with the Polk County Sherriff’s office told her she had nothing and it was a civil matter; again she breaks down and has a pissy fit. If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Well EllenBeth the truth is out & they found out in Wil’s county and yours that you were the stalker not him or he would have been arrested since NC has a serious law against cyber bullying and cyber stalking. It is time to change the old Depends, sugar tits.

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