To EllenBeth Wachs From Wil Kuhlmann, A Donation of 20 Thousand Dollars To any Cause You Choose

I Am making an offer of twenty thousand dollars to any cause you choose if you can prove to me that you dropped the charge against me in my county as you stated in the interview on Apt J Podcast last fall, and tell me why you stated you wanted to meet me as I am your supposed stalker. Also It was me that was working with the the law in your county with the District Atty that I have come to know so well and like. I can now afford to make this offer being that we have paid off our house and our condo as of December last year, and would like to help any cause you choose as well as publicly apologize to you via the internet for any thing I stated to you that was negative. Here is the Offer, now it is up to you to help the cause you support. Sincerely: Wil Kuhlmann