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Apt JTalking to the men at this news podcast station is like talking to two of the popular girl wannabe’s in high school, watching them tag along with the well known atheist figure that makes moaning sounds towards little boys and calls all men pigs. Recently I was mentioned on their news podcast and the professional victim ( EllenBeth Wachs ) told them I was stalking her and she could not wait to meet me “giggle giggle coo coo”. Wait – she wants to meet her “Stalker”??? Then, she stated that she “mercifully” dropped the charges on me with the law in my local county . Oye Vey! . The (supposed) men in the Podcast never wanted to run a check on her lies or get in contact with me or verify anything on paper from the authorities. They also called me ” special ” with a lisp in their voice assuming I was a feminine gay man ,,,,you know ” step and fetch it style” These guys can call themselves professionals, but in reality they are the mean girls chasing after the drunken prom queen with chlamydia and a bad liver so they too can be in the know.. If they were real journalists they would have found out the law in her county and my county found her to be hostile and a liar. The Magistrate in my county told her to blow off and the Dist Atty in her county laughed her off . I never had a criminal record and never will Sugar Tits Wachs, so get to the clinic and get some antibiotics and try to hide the liquor bottles a bit better; may want to use mouth wash before you speak,,,, Yes we can all tell your a closet booze hound and a pedophile wannabe….

10 thoughts on “Apt J , Atheist News , Real News, What Ever

  1. Hey you fuckin idiot I don’t give a fuck about you or ellenbeth wachs both of you loons can get fucked. If you are smart you will shut the fuck up about me. You are full of shit even if you were telling the truth I still wouldn’t give a rats ass cause you are a dick. As far as hating gays- tell that to the guests I’ve had on my other podcasts. What? Didn’t do your home work moron? Yea well that’s your problem but looking stupid is something you seem quite comfortable with so maybe just go with it… you and ellen beth deserve each other. What a cluster fuck you two are pretending like anyone gives a shit what you said to/about each other, we don’t

    • Oh Yes I am a Dick ! Actually let me be specific, I am The Dickmeister, and if I was not I would fail in my career as a P.I., and fail working for LGBT rights ,and fail at raising a family at a time when gay adoption was illegal., I even had to take my name change to the Supreme Court of my state. I even bounced back after being stabbed eleven times and beaten in to a coma and lost one eye and had to learn to walk and talk all over again not to mention lacking 1700 state and federal rights, so no I am not unhappy I am just a very happy Dick ,and enjoy every second of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Also Lisping and asking if I am ” special” is sort of like asking is a person black while using a ghetto slang voice. I do not lisp and served my country as did my partner and he is a non lisping pilot for a national airline. and neither of us prance either.:)

  2. I heard that episode and don’t recall what they said about you, but I agree that some background research of Wachs would’ve been a good idea, especially given that she’s so publicly against one of the co-hosts, Reap Paden.

      • I say that only about Wachs because she seems to jump on the bandwagon with people like Ophelia Benson and against people like Reap Paden (and me). I personally don’t give a shit, but I understand why Reap feels how he does.

      • I actually do not blame your friend at all for how he feels or thinks about EBW, or me. All I wanted to say was that when you have a guest on your show you should give the party that is being targeted a fair stance, so all the facts can be presented. I can only tell you that almost every thing EBW stated about me was a lie, but that is what the counties in Fl and NC found out in dealing with he,r and both charges were dropped by the law after catching her in the lies. EBW even lied the about the amount of law enforcement that showed up at her home as she claimed over me was 100% bull shit. I do however appreciate your honesty, but I stick to my guns on this being fair game.

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