Ellenbeth Wachs the stalker that wants to meet Wil Kuhlmann

EBW following WilEBW on 03-09 I will never understand this insane mentally ill woman that keeps following Wil Kuhlmann and yet constantly screams “STALKER’ every time he responds. This is a woman that is so sick and delusional and I think she is a sociopath and a pathological liar and maybe bi-polar . She lied about dropping a charge against Wil Kuhlmann in two counties when the law defended him and not her, he begged her to present the facts and he would offer her twenty grand to any charity she chose to provide for. She refused . It all started when Wil did a piece on Rebecca Watson on Facebook and Ellen went after him in a huge way and every time she goes after him like here announcing his twitter account then he is the stalker. Why ? Because he is a man and she wants to hide behind having a vagina. She lied about him on the air and also stated she could not wait to meet him. Is this mentally healthy. Wil is the one actually living in fear of her, being that he has two children and a partner. Thank goodness the law is on his side in his state and her state. Ellenbeth even did a hate site with a photo shopped picture of Wil with Kaposi’s Sarcoma ( late stage AIDS) which he does not have. If Ellen keeps this stalking up I am afraid for Wil’s life, because with her violent past I think she could end his life or the life of one of his family members. Feminism attracts a lot of mentally ill women and this one is on top of the heap! She reminds me of the woman that shot Warhol.Yes she was arrested for domestic violence, masturbating to a little boy , the list is endless. Please some one stop Ellenbeth Wachs !

One thought on “Ellenbeth Wachs the stalker that wants to meet Wil Kuhlmann

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