Wil is 54 EllenBeth Wachs is 49 WTF happend ? Its about Happiness Kids

EBW picEBW pic??????????????????????????????? Heterosexual Feminist in America have full  state and federal rights, gay people have 1700 less rights and are the most beaten, killed, and discriminated minority in America.  Wil was stabbed , beaten in to a coma in 1989 just for walking out of a gay bar holding hands with his then boyfriend and years later is happy and positive that change is on its way. He has a wonderful partner, a great family, and friends that are the best  . So why are feminist like EllenBeth Wachs ,and Rebecca Watson  so angry ?   It is because they have no idea what it is like  to be an extreme minority, nothing to compare being with out and being alone. Wil Kuhlmann just got out of court  from a law suit brought to him from another state outing a semi well known man that was in the closet on the internet . Wil did not bring a lawyer in ,he was not afraid, and he was very relaxed, and when I asked him how can you not be a nervous wreck he stated, “I have something to compare this to, and this is really nothing compared to what I went through”,and he smiled. Wil can be a jack ass, strange, snarky, and very blunt, but he is the happiest person I know . Wil Even had to go to the Supreme Court Of  his state just to get his name changed to his partners recently, for anyone else that would have been a walk in the park. Feminist wake up , and stop being a professional victim. Wil was however  lucky that he did come from a long line of atheist and his father sent him to work at a funeral home cleaning and prepping dead bodies to give him a view of reality and Wil traveled the globe starting at age 19. When bullied in high school ,he got revenge by putting Crisco cooking Oil in the bullies gas tank and when he was outed as a teenager by a neighborhood christian  woman what did Wil do ? He fucked her son  who was a class mate in high school  and made sure he got caught . Wil does not believe in political correctness, but he does believe in fairness, questioning everything and bullying the bullies right back every time. Congratulations  Wil , you won again.

One thought on “Wil is 54 EllenBeth Wachs is 49 WTF happend ? Its about Happiness Kids

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