Apartment J Entertainment or Gossip Podcast ?

Brian AllenRecently, I was talking to the host of Apartment J Entertainment  because after I listened  to his podcsast   he and the co-host  on his show, and the guest  I went in to shock to  hear them tell one lie after another about  a situation  that happened between me and the guest and they never did question the guest, nor did they answer my request to show evidence of the guest and her  lies  . I have been an atheist my entire life  & raised by two atheist on the space coast of Florida and never in my life have I run across an educated non-believer that says “no ” to validating facts, and the host said simply” they do not have to prove anything”., I even offered the host and the guest 20 grand to prove what I requested in paper , the answer was what you will see here. Now they wonder why they are not getting any fans, here is why. They sit and gossip about the person that does not  agree with them and it sounds like High School girls  from the movie “Bad  Girls”.        Anything goes on that podcast, its just gossip and nothing is gained by it, If they want to take advice, I say take a risk on the show demand evidence & get both sides of the party involved then look in to it. Other wise its just old ladies leaning over the fence talking shit.