Pz Myers Snake oil Salesman at it again.

Sleezy myers PZ Myers accused me on his recent blog (Will Clemens ) of making threats and making homosexual slurs, which neither happened due to the fact I am a homosexual & never made one threat but I did call him out on his lack of evidence of a famous man “raping” a friend of his with out giving us her name, dates, location or any other evidence. I now understand what the vast majority are saying about this con-artist,/snake oil salesman who is desperate for attention and will not deal with facts or honesty . This is an attention seeking moment for Sleezy Myers because he is running out of steam and has nothing left but to create a story that never happened to rally the troops and spread his name back on to the internet.  Fame is a strange character; it’s like an addictive drug for men and women with low self esteem . I pity PZ Myers as he is a lost and emotionally damaged man that as officially exposed himself for who he is and all that he can attract now are the Squeaky Froams and other crazy clan members.