Midge Hough drunken hillbilly that can not debate her way out of a paper bag !

Midge HoughMidge Hough does not to seem to want to ask questions and calls every one that disagrees with her a” troll” or a “lair” about their profession, life style, etc. In a thread on Sandra Hough’s page she diminished a gay man that was stabbed eleven times and beaten in to a coma and had to learn to walk and talk all over again and lost most of his vision and needs a guide dog to this day because one night in 1989 he was attacked by four men of color just because he was walking out of a gay bar with his partner, who was killed that night. The man that Sandra Attacked and her side kick Carol Riner Jones both went on a rampage attacking him calling him a liar on every stat he posted, his career who he was etc and posted it viciously and threw him off her page calling him a bigot etc and then talked poorly of him after he was gone. I am a friend of Midge and I will not reveal who I am to her on her Facebook, but the gay man is also a friend of mine and I looked at both sides of this issue and am very disappointed in Midge and her mindless snarkyness bashing a man that has been through more than she can imagine in her life time. LGBTs lack 1700 state and federal rights and are the most beaten killed and discriminated minority in America according to The Southern Poverty Law Center and black men are the number one killers asnd beaters of gay men and the black population voted more against gay rights that any other group, and if he stated those facts and you call him a” racist”, then all you are a little whinny girl name calling and running off . You lady are a waste of oxygen.

Sandra Booker: Racist, Homophobe, Sexist, and loves to make fun of disabled You Go Girl!!!!!!!

Sandra Bookerslide 1slide 2slide 3slide 4Sandra Booker, has many issues,  but attacking this gay man  on his race, and even laughs that he has a missing eye, a guide dog and is a  so called” dumb white man” , who wanted to help her when she claimed she was discriminated against for being black.  He wanted to help because he works for a civil rights law firm. Maybe she assumed he was a racist and a” Straight White KKK Member” Ohhhh, he does look scarey,LOL . From what I see Sandra has a chip on her shoulder condemning and calling a gay disabled man a person of ” privilege ” while LGBT’s lacking 1700 state and federal rights and is the most beaten killed and discriminated minority in  America. Yet she wants  to live in the past proclaiming she is tragically discriminated and was thrown out of UCLA for being black, but refused to provide evidence of this ridiculous fallacy  especially when it was a Fine Arts Dept. Come on Sandra, we know you are a” Professional Victim”, but really ?   You do however fit the profile that African American’s  are the number one  race to be anti gay marriage etc. How sad! Have we not moved ahead since Proposition 8 ? Trust me she will get away with this bashing being a feminist and black and a woman.

John” Comb Over” Kieffer Along with Ellenbeth Wachs now is my new Stalker

JKefifer Friend Reqcomb-over keifferJohn” Comb Over” Kieffer Along with Ellenbeth Wachs now is my new Stalker. John” Comb Over” Kieffer a white Knight feminist  has been  stalking me like the closeted  bisexual man I  think he is, with his  16 strands of Luscious hair  he keeps so ever neatly in place with four cans of Aqua Net while joining Ellenbeth Wachs on a witch hunt posting pictures of me with fake AIDS because his inner demon’s are calling for him to be crawling all over my hot slim runners body. Sorry John, but I am taken, so get out the lube and upload some of my pictures and have at it.

Apartment J Entertainment or Gossip Podcast ?

Brian AllenRecently, I was talking to the host of Apartment J Entertainment  because after I listened  to his podcsast   he and the co-host  on his show, and the guest  I went in to shock to  hear them tell one lie after another about  a situation  that happened between me and the guest and they never did question the guest, nor did they answer my request to show evidence of the guest and her  lies  . I have been an atheist my entire life  & raised by two atheist on the space coast of Florida and never in my life have I run across an educated non-believer that says “no ” to validating facts, and the host said simply” they do not have to prove anything”., I even offered the host and the guest 20 grand to prove what I requested in paper , the answer was what you will see here. Now they wonder why they are not getting any fans, here is why. They sit and gossip about the person that does not  agree with them and it sounds like High School girls  from the movie “Bad  Girls”.        Anything goes on that podcast, its just gossip and nothing is gained by it, If they want to take advice, I say take a risk on the show demand evidence & get both sides of the party involved then look in to it. Other wise its just old ladies leaning over the fence talking shit.